About us

IBAS was founded in 2018 by a group of enthusiasts whose idea was to digitalize the financial system in Kosovo. Apart from being licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo in 2019 as a Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI), it’s in process of being licensed in the EU and will be competitive in the international market as well.
Most important services of IBAS are payments and money transfers. All of this, is available to you through an online platform that is very easy to use, flexible, with high level of security and much cheaper than existing traditional forms.
While more than 20 experts joined our journey to make this platform happen and many more are coming, we guarantee you that this is the most complete platform in domestic and international market.

IBAS uses an innovative payment execution technology. The form of payment that has so far been made using the customer's bank card and commercial bank's POS devices, will be replaced with a virtual wallet and virtual POS.
Using our services will give you the opportunity to live the future.


Delivering simplified service while expanding benefits


Cutting-edge solution provider for financial instruments payment, money transfer.

Some of our core values

Integrity, Honesty, Accountability, Passion, Humility, Diversity, Quality, Simplicity and Social Responsibility.


  • It saves you time and money

  • It is flexible and very easy to use

  • You can do all different kinds of financial transactions at once

Join the future of payments.