How to make your life easier using those 13 marketing tools

January 26, 2020


If you like Canva, you’ll love it. It lets you create social media graphics, sale posters for your website or even prepare a loyalty card. You can do it all using only one tool. DesignWizard also has its library with premium pics and videos, so that you can inspire yourself with amazing designs.


It is truly one of the best social media management tool ever. You can schedule and organise all your social media content for your clients. You are also able to assign tasks to designers, copywriters and translators and track their work in the dashboard. Finally, your clients can approve and give you feedback right inside the tool (or using the app for approval). It’s a game-changer.


A fantastic tool to create animations such as infographics, training videos or Facebook Ads. In minutes. Everything can be done during your coffee break, so do not panic. Nobody likes wasting their time. Take a look at Biteable’s library full of pics and videos. If you want to use your own stuff, it’s ok, you can upload whatever you want. Don’t forget to brand your video at the and of this process!


Sharing links has great potential, so do not miss it. Add retargeting pixels to grow your audience. Get your users back using retargeting tool – it’s never been easier. It works for many ad sites such as Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter etc.


Make use of social virality! Let sharing content on social media become another payment method. All you need to do is to create a landing page (no coding skills needed!), collect leads, analyse your efforts and build relationships based on the leads you got. It also detects fake accounts and bots – only real users matter.

You do not have to be a Photoshop Jedi to feel like one. Get rid of the background on your pic with just one click. No coding, no matching pixels – it works 100% automatically.


This is another reason that you don’t have to hire a professional graphic designer for making mockups. You can do it on your own with this tool. Whether you need to create something for social media, or apparel, or packaging mockup – it’s all in one place. Take a look at its vast mockup library full of pics and isolated objects. To make it even better – this library gets updated every week.

All The Free Stock

If you’re looking for free photos, videos, fonts, icons, sound effects, website templates, it’s all in here. You will find thousands of photos listed under Creative Commons Zero license, so that you can use them in your commercial projects.


You can love or hate all the statistics and reports stuff, but believe me, this is one of the best tools for that. It gives you not just metrics, but also actionable insights. Grading your Facebook’s performance and comparing it against other pages may help your brand succeed.