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The Central Bank of Kosovo licenses IBAS as an investment adviser. Among other things, the client's request, it advises on purchasing and selling financial instruments, such as shares, bonds, and commercial receipts. If you are interested in investing, fill in the following information to apply to IBAS.

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Financial amount you want to invest

Note! The minimum investment amount is 5,000 € while the maximum is 1,000,000 €.

Duration you want to invest

In which financial instruments do you want to invest


I confirm that I voluntarily give this consent and declare that I have agreed to disclose all my personal data to IBAS and allow them to use, process and store this data for my clear identification and to protect the interest of property in business relationship with IBAS, to create common customer database. This consent is given to IBAS that, if necessary, submit and transfer all of my information to third parties. Third parties will be considered persons who are required or needed to carry out the legal transaction contracted between me and IBAS as well as the other institution in accordance with the laws applicable in Kosovo.

By pressing the button APPLY, you confirm that you give the above consent

If you need help during the application contact us at the number 038600300 or on our social media networks!