IBAS donates 5 euros for each account opened

Have you ever thought that the day will come when you can complete all financial transactions with just a few clicks from your phone and moreover, earn 5 euros for each open account used to make payments? Through IBAS, you can pay all kinds of invoices, transfer money, pay in stores when making purchases, but also many other transactions. All you need to do is download IBAS app app to the Apple Store and PlayStore and register your account with no bureaucratic procedures and no maintenance costs.

As a sign of gratitude for each new customer, IBAS has decided to reward by creating the possibility of a reward of 5 euros, for each person who opens an account and uses it to make payments.

The IBAS application plays the role of an electronic wallet for consumers, while for businesses it is also used as an electronic POS. The digital financial future has come with IBAS, and will make the lives of our citizens easier with innovative and very simple to use services.

Well done !