Property Tax Payment for 10 seconds

Kosovo citizens who pay property tax bills know how long the payment procedure takes. We have to get the bill, go to a physical point, park the car (often even pay for parking), wait in line to pay and all this before 17:00, as most payment offices do not work after that hour . Very laborious and very costly.

From the moment IBAS is licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo, property tax payment is made in less than 10 seconds and unlike in the past, the payment is recorded in the Property Tax System.

IBAS enables the payment of property tax, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from corner of Kosovo, from the Municipality of Dragash to Leposavic, from that of Peja to Kamenica.

In addition, the moment citizens open an IBAS account, they receive 5 euros, which is deducted from the amount of bills they pay.

With IBAS – Invoice costs less.

In addition, IBAS uses the latest security technologies, including data encryption and the European PSD2 Directive, which guarantee optimal security.