Turn your phone into a virtual POS

Already all businesses in Kosovo have the opportunity to turn their smartphone into a device for accepting payments. IBAS has made this possible through the latest technology it has implemented. This possibility has not existed so far. Neither in Kosovo nor in the region. In addition, everything is free, so both opening an account on IBAS and turning your phone into a payment machine is free. But, that does not end here . Account maintenance is also free at IBAS.

All a business needs to do to be able to pay by smartphone is to download the IBAS app from the App Store or Play Store and create a business account, in accordance with the procedures and legislation in force. In addition, IBAS offers the possibility of creating sub-points (subordinate points) of payment, in unlimited numbers - hundreds of thousands of them, in record time. So now, not only is it possible to turn a smartphone into a payment machine for 30 seconds and free of charge, but it has become possible for hundreds of thousands to be created at hierarchical levels, without restriction. And, the other good thing is that this is possible throughout Kosovo.

IBAS was launched a few days ago, as a financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo and that transactions in IBAS are initiated in accordance with the European directive PSD2.

Well done !