Our team has professional qualifications, long experience in the financial industry and in the technology industry. In addition, there is a special passion for the interconnection of these two industries in order to simplify and increase and expand the benefit of citizens.
It is our team that has managed to make IBAS the most valuable financial institution in the country and with the most innovative platform, worldwide.

Management Board

Gazmend Selmani

Founder and solution architect

Ilir Ibrahimi

Chairman of the Board *

Ilir Krasniqi

Board member *

Jeton Dubova

Board member *

Executive Board

Korab Smakolli

Acting CEO

Korab is our acting Chief Executive Officer. He is bringing 10 years of valuable experience in the Kosovo banking sector. Korab joined IBAS in 2018. He is enthusiastic and consistent in his duties and responsibilities.

Taulant Tmava

Head of Finance

Kristjan Gojani is the one who deals with finances of IBAS. Kristjan has a master degree in Finance and Accounting from University of Prishtina, he also gained a professional certification as an accountant from SCAAK. He has a wealth of experience in financial industry in Kosovo. He has worked across a variety of sectors but mainly in financial institutions.

Blerta Matoshi

Head of Operations

Blerta owns experience in Operations and Technology with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Proven to enhance the operational procedure and systems in the areas of information flow, management and business processes, this time her determination is to bring the Kosovar audience a unique way of transacting and making payments. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from FIEK, University of Prishtina.

Ylli Qarkaxhiu

Chief Technical Officer

Ylli is Head of Technological Development Department in IBAS. His long experience at PBC, has made IBAS software development, world-class. Ylli is a technology engineer and holds a Master's degree in Computer Science. He is also certified by Microsoft. Ylli has managed many projects of the most advanced software developments in Kosovo, that have helped digitalize various public and private institutions.

Arbnora Gosalci

Head of Marketing

Arbnora leads Marketing and Business Development department and takes initiatives to spread the word about IBAS to people in Kosovo and around the world. Prior to IBAS, Arbnora developed marketing strategies for many well-known companies in Kosovo and abroad. Most of her expertise is based on financial institutions. She holds a Bachelor of Marketing degree from University of Prishtina.

Albana Meqa

Head of AML

Albana is leading Anti-money laundering (AML). Her primary duty is on implementing, maintaning and enhancing the anti-money laudering policies, procedures and controls of our organisation.She participates in any possible training session from Intelligence Agencies in order to extend functional knowledge and stay up-to-date with rules and regulations and best practices. She is well experienced and holds Masters degree in Business Administration.

Verona Selmani

Head of Personal Data Protection

Verona is leading Personal Data Protection Office. She is experienced in many fields and lately she joined our team to deliver utmost protection of client’s data - personal and financial.

Granit Vokshi

Legal representative

Mr. Vokshi is Attorney at Law and partner at Koci & Vokshi Law Firm. Prior to being admitted to the bar, Mr. Vokshi served as legal advisor for international organizations such as OSCE and EULEX and has considering working experience as senior lawyer on public institutions such as Privatization Agency of Kosovo and Ministry of Finance. Mr. Vokshi is also engaged as lecturer in Commercial and Company Law. As an attorney, Granit is heavily involved on banking sector and regularly handles complex commercial litigation cases with focus in commercial, corporate and banking law. Mr. Vokshi holds a master’s degree in Corporate Law from London Metropolitan University and a Professional Certificate in International Legal Studies at the American University (AU) Washington College of Law.

Safet Deliu

GDPR Officer

Marie Gjoni

Customer service

Elberina Musliu

Customer service

Flamur Berisha

Customer service

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