Our team has professional qualifications, long experience in the financial industry and in the technology industry. In addition, there is a special passion for the interconnection of these two industries in order to simplify and increase and expand the benefit of citizens.
It is our team that has managed to make IBAS the most valuable financial institution in the country and with the most innovative platform, worldwide.

Management Board

Gazmend Selmani

Founder and solution architect

Executive Board

Korab Smakolli

Acting CEO

Taulant Tmava

Head of Finance and Operations

Ylli Qarkaxhiu

Chief Technical Officer

Kujtim Aliu

Head of Marketing

Albana Meqa

Head of AML

Ardian Efendija

Chief Risk Officer

Albinot Hamiti

Head of Legal Department

Verona Selmani

Head of Personal Data Protection

Safet Deliu

GDPR Officer

Arbri Gashi

Head of Human Resources and Administration

Gentiana Dushi

Head of Accounting

Fëllënza  Smakolli

SME portfolio Officer

Aurora Selimi

Customer service

Flamur Berisha

Customer service

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