Questions about IBAS

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  1. How can I download the app?

    If you are iOS (Apple) user go to Apple Store or if you are Android user go to Play Store and write IBAS by search bar. Than click Get or Install.

  2. What about installation and opening an account at IBAS?

    Once IBAS is downloaded it will start installation automatically and from time to time you need to give proper commands and authorizations. For opening account you need a genuine phone number where we will send you unique authentication and verification code, through SMS.

  3. What should I do after opening account at IBAS?

    You should upload an ID prove, an invoice where your address is shown and a selfie for individual account or business certificate and authorisation proof. Than authorised team by IBAS will activate your account after necessary verification.

  4. Does IBAS function without bank account?

    IBAS operates independently from banks, but also cooperates closely with them.

  5. Does IBAS have access to my bank account and my banking history?

    No. IBAS doesn’t have access to clients’ bank account history.

  6. Can I withdraw money in cash from IBAS?

    You can withdraw money from our ATMs located all over Kosovo, you can transfer your money to your bank account at anytime and use bank services to withdraw the money or at any IBAS’s authorized partner across Kosovo.

  7. What are the fees per transaction?

    IBAS offers a long list of services and most of them are free of charge. However, before each transaction you will be notified if there is any fee. If fees are not acceptable, there is an option to cancel the transaction.

  8. How do I receive money; do I need a password?

    All you need to have is an IBAS account number and the sender should address its intended transfer onto your IBAS account number, which is your mobile phone number.

  9. What information do I need to make a payment?

    If you need to pay an invoice or a utility bill, you need to write the number of the bill or scan the bill. If you’re shopping and you need to pay in a shop, you can scan-to-pay or tap-to-pay and in a few seconds the payment will be complete.

  10. If I’m not online, can I still process payments?

    Some of services are available even in offline mode. However, we’re working to enable it in all services.

  11. Whom do I contact with questions about a bill?

    In this case you should contact billi issuer, directly.

  12. If I have additional questions or if I am having trouble registering, whom should I contact?

    You should contact us by phone 038600300 or by e-mail .

  13. Can I cancel a payment that is already made?

    After explicitly confirming the payment to IBAS there is no way to cancel it. However, all payees are obliged to return any payments, which were made by mistake or do not belong to them. If there is such a case, you as a payer should contact payee directly and ask them to return the payment.

  14. Can I change my phone number?

    Yes. In this case, due to SMS swapping frauds you need to come physically to IBAS office and ask for changing your mobile number and prove your identity.

  15. How to credit IBAS from my bank account?

    There are many ways to add funds to your IBAS eWallet: through getting paid from employers or contractors, through your bank (eBanking, mBanking or physically at your bank), through IBAS app, respectively Visa, Master or Maestro credit cards which are coming soon, or directly at IBAS office.

  16. I do not have a bank account can I still use IBAS?

    Yes. You can use IBAS even without having a bank account.

  17. Is IBAS a safe service?

    Yes. IBAS holds PCI DSS certification by self evaluation and is implemented in accordance with EU PSD v.2 (European Union Payment Services Directive) version 2 and sensitive data are encrypted.

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