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This module allows you to open an electronic account through which you can make various payments and transactions, during all the time (24/7), as well as receive your salary, payments from your contractors or any income, from anywhere in the world. Unlike others, IBAS allows you to open your account from wherever you are, without dealing with bureaucratic procedures. All of this is provided free of charge, including maintenance.


The e-wallet is automatically created for each user who registers with IBAS. The e-wallet is very secure and can only be accessed through the credentials of the person who owns it. It is used to store your funds received at IBAS. The e-portfolio can be credited from your bank account and from accepting national and international payments or transfers.
Attention: IBAS doesn’t have access to client’s eWallet.


It is the most innovative money transfer solution in the domestic and international market. A comprehensive remittance module or any transfer that allows transactions, free of charge within IBAS, with three clicks, only. Funds received from any transfer can be held in your IBAS e-wallet, or withdrawn immediately at your bank account or authorized partner by IBAS.


ePOS is a virtual point of sale (payment) which is automatically created for each business account. IBAS, free of charge, turns your smartphone into an electronic POS, in which you can accept payments, during all the time. Electronic POS at IBAS allows you to create unlimited sub-POS and manage them from a single point. IBAS also offers virtual POS in as sticker POS, or physical POS that can be connected with your computer at sales point.


It is a multidimensional module included in the ibas.world platform. This module gives you the opportunity to pay third party bills such as utility bills, traffic fines, taxes, schooling, universities, public institutions, etc. and also to pay in shops, restaurants, cafes, gas station, taxi, auto parking and any other national and international payment.


IBAS offers electronic loans, for payments, with a repayment period of up to 12 months. To finance your payments you can apply at IBAS offices, to IBAS partners or even remotely, through the IBAS website or the IBAS application on your phone. Your application for funding will be reviewed within 30 minutes and you will be notified immediately.

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