IBAS offers two investment options:

Invest in other financial instruments

IBAS is licensed by Central Bank of Kosovo as Investment adviser for buying or selling shares, government bonds, bonds issued by companies. If you want to invest, please fill the application below and our experts will treat it further.

    Invest in IBAS

    Following a series of successful developments and with an eye toward further growth, IBAS is offering the opportunity to purchase shares to individuals who meet legal requirements and can verify the legality and source of their investment funds. Here are the details:

    Investment Amount: Minimum of 5,000 euros and a maximum of 500,000 euros.

    About IBAS

    Established in 2019, IBAS currently holds licenses from the Central Bank of Kosovo for electronic money issuance, money transfers, and payment loans. Additionally, IBAS is the sole institution in Kosovo licensed as an Advisor for investments in securities, including shares, government or corporate bonds, and commercial paper.

    Presently, IBAS serves over 31,000 individual customers and has 2,131 business partners in Kosovo for digital payments. It's worth noting that IBAS is the only financial institution operating outside the EU with access to SEPA, offering international bank accounts or British IBANs, facilitating free money transfers for citizens across the European Economic Area and enabling businesses to pay their suppliers for a fixed fee of three (3) euros, regardless of transaction size. In terms of lending, IBAS has received loan requests exceeding 13.9 million euros, having financed over 5.2 million euros of them.

    In 2022, IBAS was valued at 25,578,052 euros using the discounted cash flow methodology. With this valuation, IBAS initiated a historic public offering in Kosovo, selling 498 thousand euros worth of shares, representing 1.946% of total shares pledged, out of a total of 577 thousand euros available. As per Article 205 of Law no. 06/L-016 for Commercial Companies, the value of IBAS is 26,076,052 euros. To determine your share percentage, simply divide your investment amount by the current value. For instance, if you invest 100,000 euros, your share percentage would be calculated as follows: €100,000/€26,076,052, resulting in 0.383494% of the share. To mitigate the risk of potential overvaluation, a protective measure has been implemented. If IBAS's value falls below 26,076,052 euros, for example, dropping to 10,000,000 euros, your investment would still secure a 1% share allocation, using the same formula (€100,000/€10,000,000). This ensures that the value of your investment remains resilient to valuation fluctuations until the initial assessment by the venture capital firm.

    All investments in IBAS are subject to ethical, professional, and legal standards. Investors must be aware of the associated business risks and be prepared to accept them. Moreover, investors should understand that subsequent investments may dilute their ownership if the company undergoes future financing rounds.

    IBAS is committed to expansion, both in terms of product offerings, licensing, and geographical reach. With three branches currently operational in Prishtina, Peja, and Prizreni, IBAS plans to open more branches and expand into neighboring regions such as Albania, North Macedonia, and Montenegro

    Yes, I want to invest

    General information about risks:

    Before purchasing shares in a business entity, it's essential to thoroughly assess the potential risks associated with your investment. Here are some key considerations:

    Market risk:
    The value of shares in legal entities is susceptible to fluctuation due to various economic factors. Market downturns can lead to a decrease in share prices, thereby reducing the value of your investment.

    Specific risks:
    Every business entity faces an array of potential risks, including operational challenges, competition, changes in management, and legal issues.

    Financial risk:
    Financial plans and forecasts of business entities may fail or experience delays, exposing them to financial risks such as liquidity issues, inability to repay obligations, or failure to realize operational plans.

    Industry risk:
    Investing in stocks exposes you to risks specific to the industries in which the entity operates. Legal changes or technological advances within a particular sector can significantly impact stock performance.

    Risk management:
    The effectiveness and integrity of a legal entity's management team can influence its long-term performance. Poor management decisions, conflicts of interest, or governance issues can affect share value and increase investment risk.

    Legal and regulatory risk:
    Changes in laws, regulations, or litigation may impact a company's operations, profitability, or reputation. Failure to comply with legal changes can result in fines and have adverse consequences for the business entity and its shareholders.

    Corporate governance risk:
    Weak corporate governance practices, such as lack of board oversight or transparency, can heighten the risk of fraud, mismanagement, or ethical violations within the entity.

    Please note:
    IBAS has taken proactive measures to mitigate the above risks, and none have occurred thus far. However, it's important to analyze the potential for any of these risks when considering stock investments. This thorough assessment is a fundamental step before deciding to purchase shares in a business entity.

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