Paul Wild Appointed Chairman of the Board at IBAS

We are happy to announce a significant and strategic addition to the leadership team at IBAS. Mr. Paul Wild has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board, after his approval by the Central Bank of Kosovo. This appointment marks a pivotal moment for IBAS, as we welcome a leader with a wealth of experience […]

IBAS – A Remarkable Visit to the University of Pristina

In a significant outreach effort, PBC Group, alongside its innovative financial services platform IBAS, recently visited the University of Pristina to engage and educate the students about the remarkable world of financial services. This educational endeavor was a part of the ongoing commitment of PBC Group to share its expertise with the academic community. Mr. […]

IBAS: Embracing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when communities worldwide unite to promote awareness and support for those affected by breast cancer. At IBAS, we’re proud to join this global cause. Why Breast Cancer Awareness Matters: Breast Cancer Awareness Month is significant for several reasons: Early Detection: Encouraging early screenings and awareness saves lives […]

IBAS – Inovacione të njëpasnjëshme, e gjitha që duhet të dini

IBAS po vazhdon me rritje të vazhdueshme, duke i ofruar përdoruesve qasje shumë të lehtë në financat e tyre. Përdoruesit, tashmë gëzojnë përfitime nga më të ndryshmet, mirëpo nëse nuk jeni akoma përdorues i IBAS, shkarkoni aplikacionin dhe eksploroni shërbimet të cilat bëjnë jetën tuaj të përditshme, më të lehtë. Shkarko aplikacionin këtu:App Store: […]

Commercial receipts, their types, advantages and disadvantages

What are commercial receipts?A commercial paper is a short-term, unsecured debt instrument issued by businesses. It is usually used to finance short-term obligations such as wages, accounts payable, and inventory or goods for sale (Baklanova, et al., 2020). The commercial receipt specifies an amount of money that must be returned by a certain date (maturity). […]

Securities and their financial importance

Securities are exchangeable and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets. Commercial companies or companies as they are known in the jargon use financial instruments for raising capital for investment purposes. According to Kosovo legislation, there are three types of securities: shares, which provide the holders with ownership rights in […]

IBAS closes the round of selling shares – 11,540 shares are bought

In less than two months since IBAS, for the first time in Kosovo, opened the public call for the purchase of shares, it managed to sell 11,540 preference shares out of 8,000 issued or 144.25% of the target. Translated into financial values, it captures the amount of 577,000 euros. The high demand for the purchase […]

Why is investing in IBAS the right thing to do?

IBAS (Innovative Banking and Attractive Solutions) as a financial institution has already proven its success. For less than 2 years of operation, IBAS alone has digitized about 1,800 payment points, in addition to less than 7,000 in all of Kosovo, digitized by the entire banking sector, together. This process will continue until the full digitization […]

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